#21. Public Launch in April 2020

Public launch April 1st. Product of the Day on PH. Some offers from VC. Super-productive month. Better activity, but stagnating MRR. Cool Whiteboard View. Remote.

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#18. Enduring January 2020

Public announcements moved to February. -Nikita. -VC. -Snow. -Speed. Cortisol pit. Crossing Valley of death. Optimism.

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#16. Crazy November 2019

Fibery 1.0 is silently launched. Silence is hard to keep. HackerNews front page. Twitter madness. 3000 registered accounts.

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#14. Anxious September 2019

Domain evolution is done. Notifications are done. Actions Buttons are done. Fall is free. Creators! Polishing is terrified.

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#13. Hot August 2019

Notifications are somewhat done. Rename is graceful. Action Buttons are born. Canvas View is growing. Javascript. HN banned us.

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Formulas in Fibery

Fibery supports formulas. So far Formula field supports Number only (Decimal or Integer). More data types will be added later (Date, Text…

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#10. Burn in May 2019

Several people burned out, new features are delivered, public release will be sooner (we hope) (despite ill fortune).

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Fibery.io User Guide for Creators

This guide will help you to penetrate entrance barrier and internalize Fibery mental model. Thus you will freely navigate Fibery and tailor it to your own needs and cases.

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