#21. Public Launch in April 2020

Public launch April 1st. Product of the Day on PH. Some offers from VC. Super-productive month. Better activity, but stagnating MRR. Cool Whiteboard View. Remote.

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#18. Enduring January 2020

Public announcements moved to February. -Nikita. -VC. -Snow. -Speed. Cortisol pit. Crossing Valley of death. Optimism.

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#16. Crazy November 2019

Fibery 1.0 is silently launched. Silence is hard to keep. HackerNews front page. Twitter madness. 3000 registered accounts.

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#14. Anxious September 2019

Domain evolution is done. Notifications are done. Actions Buttons are done. Fall is free. Creators! Polishing is terrified.

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#13. Hot August 2019

Notifications are somewhat done. Rename is graceful. Action Buttons are born. Canvas View is growing. Javascript. HN banned us.

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#10. Burn in May 2019

Several people burned out, new features are delivered, public release will be sooner (we hope) (despite ill fortune).

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